Hush little baby, ta Dominar’s here

Though I’ve commuted 100s of Kms from home to work, I just became a roadie. For the love of bikes is a learned emotion. You don’t jump from riding a tricycle to manning a chopper.

There’s huge datum that’s available on these electronic horses. But, you must at-least be a noobie geek to decipher the complications. As I have a basic understanding of general and Computer hardware, I could understand the basics of bike mechanics. And, I do reiterate if you’re a bike enthusiast, do your homework! Learn as much as possible as the technology is evolving at a 1000cc engine’s revving pace.

Turning to the topic at hand, I had a glimpse at the Dominar Ad. A splendid display of cool and exhilarating  fun with a subtle punch of sarcasm in the narrative.


I didn’t have the  chance to test out the beast. But, from what I gather it’s a better option against Mojo and Himalayan. Just coz of the ABS.

Akash the Roadie, chiseling through 1000s’ Kms like butter.

And, I do vouch for the ABS – it has saved my life couple of times in the recent on road experience with heavy bikes.


For our roads Dominar is at a dominating streak, yet beware of the speeds. You can’t get past the fourth speed in the crowdy pothole ridden streets. But, the best choice for an hybrid of on-road & tourer.


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