Maanagaram a Critique

With much insistence from friends and rave reviews on social media I dared. At first it wasn’t much different, but as time passed I was caught in the motion of things. I was genuinely calculating or predicting the future of the story. Surely no one could see where Lokesh was planning to take this, because I’m sure he had other ideas. Some filmmakers desperately spend a lot of time avoiding clichés, to keep things unpredictable, just for the sake of it.

 Lokesh Kanagaraj – a teller of Hyperlinked stories?

I don’t condemn that, but if you do the same without paying attention to the natural progression of the story – I can’t help but find fault. Speaking of faults, the artificial coincidences, created just to surprise the audiences remind you very much that you’re watching a movie. Just like D16, this experiment has audience engaged in the artificial way. Show me someone who empathized with the characters of the two stories and I will stand corrected.

Kinesis, McKee says isn’t the replacement for substance.

The rapid changing of locations won’t create a steady flow of story, rather it’d be a bad joy ride with way too much surprises and few joys to drink it up.

I will stray from here to avoid seeming too pessimistic, as I already confessed I was hooked on the progression on the very last moments of the movie. But, the pay off wasn’t there. What these movies have are engaging screenplay, that takes you away from regular worries. Which wasn’t the case with Kanavu Vaariyam.

These filmmakers are trying to keep you happy, but wouldn’t piss off the distributors or media mafia I would say. Just cause it ain’t a masala, I can’t offer a standing ovation. The film must contain undercurrents of story elements, like the awesome movie Joker. A film that’s akin to Joker in least bits was, Porambokku. Though the later had many commercial elements like mass heroes, kuthu songs and action sequences, the pay off was clear and in perfect dosage to send off the viewers with a deserved feeling of emotional upshakery.


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