Finding your passion

Knowing what you really want can be a daunting task. A list of tthings, quality and achievements firm in your mind instantly. But, which of those is your true calling. What’s the one thing that you’d like to have irrespective of the pains you’ve to endure. That my friends is hard to identify. The world is full of opportunities. You can start a new life at 40. It’s your will that matters.

The easier way to arrive at your passion is to disregard things that you can and must do, but you really don’t want to. Trust your instinctual hate. I just turned down a high paying job, that I knew would be soul crushing. I can foresee my attitude three months down the line.
I’d be hating the organisation, and myself.

It’s better to deal with matters of high concern lightly. Wisdom from The way of the samurai.


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