Anti-social, media.

The state of social media at serious times.

AIADMK is in such a shit-storm, putting labels on the relief packets is not just desperate but inhuman. This annihilation was welcomed everywhere. But enough of that now; the system wants you to focus on a terrible song.

I heard Ilayaraja was furious at the media.

What’s the purpose of asking a renowned artist, his opinion on an unrelated controversy; while he’s trying to help the masses affected by the flood?

‘Aaapu veitha beepu!’ (‘The beep that fucked you up’, it reads better in Tamil), wrote a famous daily. If the concern of the paper and the writer is serious, will they handle it so lightly?

I have a different theory all together; it’s an act of political conspiracy! Those who released the song could be a representative of AIADMK. They could’ve got their hands on it sooner and was probably waiting for ample time to use it.

Well let’s talk about the song. The idea was bold, to use a swear word and beep it themselves is a fresh concept in Tamil. But, the media seized this easy opportunity to gain audience. Abusing their power of media to shine a light on a petty matter.

Late Kalam has voiced his concerns over the topic too. The whole approach of media is in such a bleak state. While table debates happened, with terrible online editors. A few media personalities didn’t sit at their desks. Instead, they went to the battleground and helped out their actual funders. They looked out how to exploit the power of social media positively, and did in a splendid manner.

Madras meter, a once good YouTube channel. Makers of videos like, ‘Husbanned’ and ‘The art of leaving’. Now, they’ve retaliated Simbu with a reworded ‘Beep Song Reply’. How’s the act any different from what Simbu did? If you’re desperate for likes, make better videos; instead of riding the wave of a petty controversy.

If only the people asking the celebrities to be responsible – be. Image of SRK smoking in a cricket stadium comes to mind.


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