Alex and the carcases

It’s a mid-summers day. The Sun has decided to take an early slumber. The scene is dark and gloomy. We overlook a large-dry landscape with a cowboy-ish setting.
Alexander the great (Alex for short) marched up with his men. It was a quest for treasure. He has had his mind hard set for a grand loot.
There was a huge pit that reeked with pungent smell. The hurt senses were overshadowed by a glimpse of shimmering light. One of the soldiers rushes towards the pit, ignoring the quick shout of Alex. It seemed for a moment that the soldier was glowing with joy. But, he turned swiftly and yelled – “I can’t see, I can’t see”. His face was swollen and his steps unsteady. As he yelled, he moved away from the pit and towards the men. Alex ordered the men to stay put, raised his spear and struck him down in a flash.
“Stay down and polish your shields now! I better see my unshaven face in its reflection.”
The men were distraught, but followed the order without any delay or second thoughts. As they finished quickly, Alex inspected each and yelled for a defensive position. The men created a wall with their shields raised high and blinding the light. At this instance there was an apparent hiss of the serpents.
Alex asked the men to get closer inch by inch. As they moved closer, he explained: “They are poisonous snakes, at a single sight of them you could die like that stupid fellow lying in the dirt.”
The hisses muted down gradually as the men came to a halt and waited. Most of the snakes have died by looking at their own reflection.
“Now, for the main course! You, go there and bring the goats we tied yonder.”
As the pointed men brought them, “Slay them all and collect the blood. The rest, gather the carcasses and throw them into the pit.” It was done, and soon enough scavengers flew right, left and centre. Vultures swooned down and carried the meat and the diamonds with them.
The men were still dumbfounded, Alex yelled “go and collect the gems from their nests you fools”.


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